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Sealing tapes – indispensable helpers in the construction of blockhouses

PECOTACK – the ecological sealing tape

The PECOTACK sealing tape developed in-house by Naturhaus Lanz is made of ecological materials. The sealing tape can be conveniently fastened with a stapler and can be processed in any weather due to its optimal nature.

This saves time and therefore your money.

Ökologisches Blockhausdichtband


The advantages of PECOTACK sealing tapes
  • Hoch komprimierbares Dichtband
    Highly compressible

    If the sealing tapes initially have a construction height of approx. 4 cm, they can be compressed to 5 mm.

  • UV beständiges Dichtband
    UV resistant

    The sealing tapes are UV resistant for up to one year for the overscribe method.

  • Nachhaltiges Dichtband

    PECOTACK sealing tapes are manufactured in Germany especially for us and have short transport distances.

  • Ökologisches Dichtband

    Our PECOTACK sealing tapes are made of extruded polyethene, are free of oil and made of sugar beet.

Abdichtung Blockhaus Dichtband

The sealing tapes are placed between the individual logs for sealing, so that already the shell is absolutely tight against wind and driving rain. As soon as the walls settle, a solid wall without gaps is created. For you as a builder, the sealing tapes are important if you are aiming for a log house according to the KfW-40/40+ standard.

Tight is mandatory for us – with PECOTACK.
The ecological log house sealing tape from Naturhaus Lanz.

You want to seal sustainably and highly efficiently?

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More information of the sealing tape as PDF

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More information on the subject of ecological insulation materials

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